Russian anti-gay video shows Santa Putin saving kids from same-sex marriages

A sickening Russian propaganda campaign shows President Vladimir Putin dressed in a Santa suit to “save” children from being raised by gay parents.

The film, which was made by a production company called Signal, shows a boy writing and drawing a letter to Santa, wishing for stereotypical boy's toys but also a mother and father.

He was seen wearing a necklace, hair accessories and dressed in pink as the storyline implies he was being raised to be more feminine against his will and seemed unhappy about it.

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The camera pans around the room to show a photo of the child's two fathers, labelled parent 1 and 2, on a shelf across the room.

Books on which the camera lingers in the child’s comfortable home include titles like Straight into Gay, Render me, Gender me and Growing up Gay.

The child then falls asleep on the sofa for a white-bearded Father Christmas to arrive, with the CGI face of Vladimir Putin.

The Putin Santa lowers his beard as he departs so there is no doubt of his supposed identity. He winks and smiles.

The boy wakes up smiling to find a new football and a transformer toy and the photo had been changed to a mother and father.

On-screen, the message reads: "Dear Santa – Thank you and Merry Christmas! From all children of the world."

The video has since gone viral on social media as it is believed to represent Putin's prejudices about Europe.

Putin believes the West is seeking to impose its "alien" values on Russia, a message this video aims to exploit.

But despite featuring as 'Santa Putin', Father Christmas is not one of the traditional figures during the festive period in Russia.

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For much of the West, the Christmas period is embodied by the bloated, red-coated Santa Claus, who is accompanied by Mrs Claus and assisted by elves.

In Russia, Ded Moroz is a slender figure from Slavic mythology with a wizard-like flowing beard and a long robe which comes in different colours, including blue and white.

Ded Moroz is accompanied by his granddaughter Snegurochka, the Snow Maiden.


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