Disturbing ‘Goatman’ who ‘slayed five at haunted bridge could kill again’
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    A disturbing "Goatman" creature that is said to be responsible for five grisly deaths on a haunted bridge could still be active.

    Bigfoot and folklore expert Thomas Marcum reckons that "at least five" deaths at the eerie site of Maryland, United States could be linked to the terrifying beast, with the Old Alton Bridge said to be haunted by the creature.

    The historic bridge is known locally as Goatman's Bridge, with urban legend claiming it is haunted by a half-goat, half-man figure.

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    As recently as 2019, Marcum claimed, there have been murders and grisly sightings reported at the site, apparently filled with ghosts, kidnappings and horror.

    Expert Marcum said: "Legend says that once you cross the trestle the Goatman will appear. There are many variations in the story to explain Goatman.

    "Some say it was a farmer who sacrificed goats in exchange for Satanic powers, some say it was an experiment that went wrong, and some say it was a circus freak who vowed revenge after being treated poorly.

    "We may never know the true origins of the Goatman but sightings have persisted for many years now."

    Marcum, however, has noted that more than a handful of the horror sightings have led to grisly stories that have haunted the bridge since the late 1930s.

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    He warned that the Goatman has been active in recent history too, adding: "Also of note is that the area and trestle have claimed several lives over the years of people looking for the Goatman.

    "That railroad trestle area is said to be the home of Goatman and there are reports of Goatman jumping off the trestle and onto the roofs of cars passing under it.

    "I did some quick checking and I found at least five deaths associated with the trestle and Goatman."

    Marcum, writing of the Goatman on his website, TheCryptoCrew, added that the Goaatman "snatches and kills small pets such as dogs and cats."

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