Dog or monster? Snap leaves Twitter users questioning their eyes

An action shot of a dog jumping in the water has been compared to ‘Edward Scissorpaws’ and called ‘haunting’ by Twitter users.

The moment was captured by photographer Salla Kuikka, 33, when her Afghan hound, Baboon, jumped in and out of a river.

But the pictures came out slightly differently than planned – with the pooch’s upright stance on hind legs and dripping hair from the river leaving viewers spooked.

The hilarious snaps and a video taken on the day have gone viral on Twitter, racking up 5.8 million views.

One picture shows five-year-old Baboon performing his favorite trick, called ‘karate’, with his forelegs widespread, while he stands on hind legs, with his wet fur hanging down.

Another shot shows Baboon with sodden black fur as he stands on his hind legs while exiting the water.

A video taken at the time shows the dog perched on a rock while performing a few paw tricks.

The footage was taken recently at Muuramenjoki nature reserve in Muurame, Finland.

“For the photos, they came out hilarious.,” Salla, a photographer from Finland, told

“I do some simple stand, sit, lay down pics and poses with Baboon in each of these trips to that riverside, but while he’s good at them, he always prefers the action shots.

“This isn’t a bad thing because in general pretty much nothing looks as hilarious and not like a normal dog – [just] a soaking wet Afghan hound doing something else [other] than standing still.

“The video was shot just to show people how I do my river photoshoots with Baboon as it is a pretty unique and tricky environment to do a photoshoot with any dog.

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“There’s a lot of background noise, there’s water between me and him and I have my both hands on camera and hence cannot use any hand cues, only vocal ones when asking for tricks.

”Many users online were left in hysterics at the pictures of Baboon, which drew some rather unflattering comparisons.

Rob Allam said the snaps will “haunt my sleep forever”.

Chris joked: “Real life Edward Scissorpaws is horrifying!”Trung Phan added: “I just spent the past six hours trying to un-see this and can’t.”

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