Spooked couple spot ‘ghost’ in fried egg as ghoul meddles in morning fry up

A fry up horror show led one couple to believe they had spotted a ghost in their eggs.

The eerie apparition in eggy form provided itself to Martin and Kim Thomas, who wondered whether their desire for a slap-up meal had angered spirits from the great beyond. Their encounter with the egg wraith provided the pair quite the fright.

Celebrating their 20-year anniversary together on October 31 last year provided the couple with a chilling encounter to mark the infamous holiday date. Kim had cracked the egg open for husband Martin before spotting the likeness.

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The East Sussex-based duo were stumped by the sighting, which the couple saw the irony in considering the date of their find.

Martin said: "The irony is that it was on Halloween last year, which is our wedding anniversary. When Kim agreed to marry me, she said the one day of the year when the two worlds are closest together is Halloween – and if we got married then her dad could come.

"Kim said she would make me a cooked breakfast for our anniversary and then pulled me out into the kitchen and said "look" – and there it was. I immediately took a picture of the egg – it looked like Casper [the ghost]."

For other ghostly and chilling Halloween encounters, the Daily Star reported on a Halloween walk where attendees would make their way through a murder mystery maze filled with mannequins. It was aptly titled Doom Town, and has turned a few heads.

The "zombie cemetery" opened up by Roz Edwards, 51, uses parts and pieces of discarded and damaged mannequins. Piled high and making some creepy walls for the "labyrinth", it seems horror walk fans are loving the display.

This year, Roz has pulled in the big guns and drafted in Liam R Findlay, the legend behind the London Dungeon attraction and various horror-themed items at Thorpe Park. His unique touch appeared to delight Roz, who has finished their vision for the wild walk.

Roz said of the event: "We've done Halloween events here pretty much every year since 2016, but this one is our very best production yet. It's been an absolute delight to work with Liam on this event."

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