Dogs treated to delicious Yorkshire Pudding treat at a ‘Yorkshire Embassy’

London dogs and their owners experienced the joys of God’s Own Country – at a Yorkshire Embassy for pups in the heart of the capital. Pooches claimed “dual gnash-ionality” with an edible passport, and enjoyed a dog-friendly Yorkshire Pudding filled with fresh meat and vegetables at Six Park Place, on the outskirts of Green Park.

And there was a treat for owners, too – with free Yorkshire beers and hearty canapés alongside TV’s The Yorkshire Vet, Peter Wright, and “Ambassa-dog” Yorkshire Terry, the Yorkshire Terrier.

The event was created by Yorkshire-based, natural dog food brand Harringtons, after its research of 2,000 dog owners found 54 percent see their dogs as one of the “locals” where they live.

And 41 percent are even convinced their pooch responds to certain dialects more than others.

A key reason for the embassy was that dog owners showed huge appreciation for Yorkshire.

Ranking its best qualities, they revealed the scenery (56 percent), friendly people (42 percent), culture (33 percent), pubs (28 percent), and food (23 percent) to be what the county does best.

A spokesman for Harringtons added: “Here in Yorkshire, we are rightly famous for our honest straight-talking, and our short arms and long pockets.

“We are delighted to share that Yorkshire authenticity and great value with dogs from all over the UK, as part of our mission to make natural, wholesome food affordable for all.”

The study also found more than two-thirds (67 percent) consider their dog to be part of the family, while 18 percent say their pooch is their best friend.

Furthermore, over half of owners (51 percent) have given their pet a “human” name, like Phil or Bob.

And just over four in ten (42 percent) reckon their dog has a similar personality to theirs, as 36 percent say their faithful friend is “always” with them.

Because dogs are such valued family members deserving of great nutrition like us, just under half (49 percent) say food must always be of the highest quality for their pup.

But despite good intentions, only 70 percent believe they are currently giving their dog the best possible diet.

The economic crisis continues to take a toll, with cost the biggest barrier to better nutrition, according to over half of owners (54 percent).

However, dog owners are aware of what makes a nutritious diet – with 47 percent agreeing a high percentage of meat content indicates high-quality dog food, along with containing fresh vegetables (31 percent).

Peter Wright, vet for Harringtons, added: “There’s a real trend for owners to “humanise” their pets, loving them as they would a relative or friend – and even seeing them as part of the community.

“Owners want nothing but the best for their beloved dogs – with freshly-prepared meat, vegetables, and gravy (ideally with recognisable ingredients) in every bite seen as the key to giving them a happy, healthy life.

“I want to reassure all pet owners, including those rightly worried about money, that quality pet nutrition needn’t cost the earth. Dogs deserve, and can enjoy, posh nosh at a proper price.”

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