‘Eerie scruffy’ town home to ‘locals who haven’t washed since the prison closed’

An "eerie" UK town has been slammed as a bleak hotspot of the unwashed by an intrepid explorer joking 'residents haven't washed since the local prison closed its doors.

Somerset, the rural county which holds within it the likes of Taunton, Bristol and Weston, has been documented as being full on not one but eight towns to avoid. The eight worst is apparently the Shepton Mallet, listed for its 'scruffy' locals and lack of high street presence.

With 9,600 people making up the area's population, it would appear there is dire need of change, and hygiene, in the area. With its prison, which used to house Ronnie and Reggie Kray now closed, Turdtowns noted there was little else within Shepton.

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Said prison is now a museum, which is bad news for the growing crime figures in the area which admittedly remain comparatively low to the rest of the county, perhaps owing to its large police station.

Exploring the streets, Mr Turdtowns tells his viewers: "Don't bother coming down here, it just feels eerie. Shepton Mallet high street has suffered since the massive Tesco store was built up on the hill, and it is a massive one. On the whole, Shepton just feels scruffy and probably hasn't held any importance since the prison, or before that, the railway station closed.

"It's in the middle of nowhere but it's not big enough to support itself. Almost all of the houses here are in need of a good clean and a lick of paint. Whilst you're spraying down the houses, feel free to spray the people down too. Many of them haven't had a good shower since the prison closed."

One YouTube commenter who claims to live in the trouble-ridden area, wrote: "Shepton is also known as quite rough. The high street used to be such a hub for the village. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. Who doesn’t love a big Tesco?"

Another says the spot is not all bad, adding: "Lived in Shepton for a spell recently and found it a reasonable place with mostly friendly people." They were, however, aghast at the state of the Tesco.

They added: "The Tesco is though the worst I have been in except the one that used to be in Chatham Kent, now that was on another level of nastiness."

But Turdtowns' gavel of judgement was slammed down on the 'p*** soaked alleyway' of a town.

In a voiceover viewing the wonders of Shepton, they said: "Shepton was also the home of a BBC TV documentary which was called Turn Back Time: The High Street, where they investigated different shops throughout the years.

"Charity shops and vape shops did not make the cut. The high street is such a dreary place, it doesn't help that you feel like you're walking down a p***soaked alleyway. The market area would have been important but now it's just a reminder that it's not anymore."

As for leading attractions in Shepton, bar its closed-down prison, there is also a 'big, ugly theatre' to feast your eyes on. Those abandoned buildings seemingly add to the eerie feel infecting the town.

Turdtowns added: "There's a big, ugly theatre here which has long been emptied, since about 2011. Now that's a long time. I guess the people of Shepton are uncultured nowadays.

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