Elle Brooke says ‘diet starts tomorrow’ after Nando’s and Domino’s ‘food coma’

Pornhub legend Elle Brooke has vowed to go on a diet after splurging out on a takeaway "haul".

Posting on her Instagram while scoffing an iced bun, Brooke wrote "Diet starts tomorrow".

She then posted another video eating yet another glazed good.

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Renowned for being candid on Instagram to her 614,000 followers, Brooke revealed she would start eating healthily but only after a Domino's.

"Guys I've promised myself I'm going… not on a diet tomorrow but I'm going to start eating healthy again so I thought I'd go out with a bang. So are you ready for my last and final cheat day haul, and I really hope no one's judging me. If you judge me then that's on you.

She then posted a video of her takeaway feast from Domino's, which included a vast spread of pizza, fried chicken, and garlic bread.

Controversially, she posted: "If you don't have pineapple on your pizza then you need to grow up!"

She then went on to post a picture of her in Nando's with a friend and contrasted her meal, lots of steamed broccoli and a small bit of chicken with her friends more customary Nando's choice of a chicken burger and chips.

Pointing to her meal, Brooke said "This is… this is sad."

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Excitement is brewing that Brooke could face off in the boxing ring with fellow influencer and model Astrid Wett.

The pair had been due to fight last year but Wett pulled out shortly before the bout describing Brooke's behaviour in the weigh-in as going "too far."

It comes as Brooke easily overcame TikTok star Faith Ordway in the ring on January 14.

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Brooke said on DAZN: "Guys, that is what you call a TKO. You guys are lucky to see the best two influencer boxers in that ring tonight – me No 1, Faith No 2.

"There's a big gap between one and two then."

Brooke, who won her debut fight against Love Island star AJ Bunker in 2022, walked out to Oasis classic Wonderwall in homage to her love for Manchester City to a huge reception from the crowd.


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