Elon Musk unveils latest ‘Master Plan’ – ‘sustainable energy for all of Earth’

Maverick billionaire Elon Musk has unveiled phase three of his “Master Plan” for humanity, which is – he promises – “sustainable energy of all of Earth”.

Musk revealed the wildly ambitious scheme at a Tesla “investor day” where he was supposed to be updating shareholders on the company’s progress with the much-discussed Cybertruck and other projects.

But instead of dwelling on his company’s short-term prospects the South African-born tycoon made a series of bold, sweeping announcements about his grand plan for the future of mankind.

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He spoke about various eco technologies such as heat pumps, “green” hydrogen, electric boats and planes – and suggested that Tesla might at some point get involved in them.

Musk also offered a vision of the future where humans were outnumbered by robots, as a video presentation about the company’s prototype Optimus robot played on a giant video screen behind him.

“Assuming the things I’m saying are true… well, I think they are true, it’s just a matter of timing,” he said, there would soon be more Optimus type robots than people.

“It’s not even clear what an economy means at that point,” the billionaire added – suggesting a “Star Trek-style” post-scarcity society where money becomes irrelevant.

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After hinting that the next generation of electric cars would be much cheaper than current models, the richest man on Earth then left it to his underlings to outline a few developments in Tesla's day-to-day car-making business.

However, the entire Tesla presentation was accompanied by a comprehensive 500-word disclaimer which made clear that any promises made by any of the company’s representatives – including its outspoken boss – weren’t necessarily guarantees.

“Certain statements in this presentation…” the disclaimer said, “… are 'forward-looking statements' that are subject to risks and uncertainties”.

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After a long list of details about things that could prevent any of the company’s predictions from coming true, the statement concluded: “Tesla disclaims any obligation to update information contained in these forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise."

As the presentation concluded, Musk tweeted: "Detailed whitepaper with calculations and assumptions to be released by Tesla shortly"


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