Kim Jong-un approves new dog meat ‘Delicacy House’ to encourage ‘healthy eating’

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has given the go ahead for a new luxury dog meat restaurant in the country's capital as part of a "healthy eating" drive.

"Dog Meat Delicacy House" will be near the well-known Okryugwan noodle restaurant in a prime river bank location in Pyongyang, according to the Mirror.

Reports suggest the restaurant will open as part of a healthy eating drive, but the announcement comes amid claims of a famine in the country, and following a summit about agriculture headed by Kim.

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Even still, Rossiyskaya Gazeta and NK News are reporting on the new high-end dog meat restaurant and published a photo of the building design.

It depicts a traditional North Korean building on stilts above the water.

The new restaurant would mean an important use of public funds and it is likely that Kim would visit it as he has done with other eateries in the area.

He used the Okryugwan noodle house and Taedonggang seafood restaurant, in September, 2018, to entertain the South Korean President Moon Jae-in, reported NK News.

He also approved the building of the new dog meat restaurant when speaking on state television in 2021.

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And Kim talked of “improving” people’s diets when he discussed the building of another dog meat restaurant in the northeastern city of Chongjin, that was completed a couple of years ago.

Dog meat is considered a national dish in North Korea with many restaurants existing while cooking contests take place that use all parts of the animal, and can be shown on state television.

South Korean experts estimate that North Korea is short around one million tonnes of grain, 20% of its annual demand, after the pandemic disrupted both farming and imports from China.

Recent unconfirmed reports say that North Koreans have been dying of hunger.

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