Fish ‘commits credit card fraud’ as owner finds it buying Nintendo Switch items

Tech giants Nintendo was forced to refund a bloke around £3 after his pet fish managed to commit credit card fraud.

The bizarre incident happened in Japan as a result of a livestream of an experiment.

Japanese YouTuber Mutekimaru had been training his pet fish to use a Nintendo Switch using a special overlay grid with controls on it matching that of the Switch console.

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Having already made the fish complete the Sapphire version of the Pokemon game series in around 3,100 hours in 2020, he wanted to try to get the pet to do it again – but quicker.

However, around 1,100 hours into the live stream earlier this month, the fish kept accessing the Nintendo eShop.

And while accessing it, the very clever fish bought around £5 worth of credit and successfully showed the owner's credit card details to the world.

This was seen as a chance by odd people watching the stream to have fun with the bloke's account.

Several users gave the guy a new Nintendo avatar – costing him around 10 reward points that he had built up over the years – bought a Nintendo 64 emulator app and then went to PayPal to set up an account.

Thankfully, as the account had to be set up in his email, it never went any further than a validation email.

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On the funny side, they changed his Nintendo account name from his actual name to “ROWAWAWAWAWAY”.

It took around seven hours for the bloke to realise what was going on before he shut the livestream down.

He then begged Nintendo for a refund of the money having explained what had happened – and they agreed to do so.

In total it was around 500 Yen he got back – which is around £3.09 in total.

The stream is actually still available to watch – although the credit card details part has been cut.

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