‘Forget OnlyFans stars’ farts in a jar, I bottle up UK air and flog it for £950′

While OnlyFans models have made a fortune selling flogging their farts, one Brit has gone in a slightly different direction.

The Daily Star previously reported one model earned around £147,000 ($200,000) from farting in jars before being hospitalised as she squeezed out one too many.

Boasting a fresher approach to business with his company Aethaer, Leo De Watts, from Dorset, has found a market in the Far East willing to cough up a staggering £950 for a "single breath" of UK air.

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The 34-year-old founded his company in 2016 and now "farms air" from five areas of outstanding natural beauty across the UK and sells it online to people who live in areas with poor air quality – such as Hong Kong.

Speaking to the Daily Star exclusively, Leo explained: “Back in December 2015, I noticed that every year you tend to have some smog. In the wintertime, the descending cold air tends to keep any pollution in, like putting a lid on it, you can actually see it.

“In the UK we have an abundance of clean fresh air, but in other places in the world, 95% of the world's population doesn’t have access to clean air.

“So I basically had a look into this and realised that if people do want to get a hold of clean and fresh air there are very few ways to do it – I think we are the only ones producing it in an organic way”.

Leo claims that there were no ways to purchase clean air, the closest alternative was filtered or compressed air which created pollution to produce.

The 34-year-old entrepreneur continued: “The idea came really from could something be sold to promote this idea of actually the world we live in is such a terrible place that there is a market for clean fresh air”.

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Each 580ml bottle sold has a converted price tag of approximately £950, which Leo explained was set to highlight the statistic claiming 95% of the world’s population does not have access to clean air.

He added: “So when that figure is zero I won’t have a business anymore, it won’t be needed, and I will be very happy to be put out of business.

“What we are doing in a way is holding up a mirror to the state that the world is in right now.”

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The founder said that the business is “profit for purpose” and the money generated from the sale goes into developing ways to improve air quality – such as anti-pollution face masks, rewilding projects, and developing methods to capture pollution.

Despite the reason behind founding the product, Leo insists that what people purchase is an authentic and premium product.

The air is “farmed” from five areas of outstanding national beauty, all with low air pollution levels.

Explaining the process of bottling the air, Leo told: “What we do is, we have jars which are specially made in the UK for us, with all of our branding printed on.

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“We take those to wherever we air farm and we open those up and let them breathe naturally, then what we do is we have nets which are filled with a non-porous material and we try to scoop up as much air as we can above our heads and we bring it down over the jar, push down on the net, into the jar and close the jar.

“We tend to do small batches, maybe three or five jars at a time. We take that back, put a locking wire on them, and a ‘void if removed’ type label for authenticity.

“That then goes in a box with its certificate of worthiness and that is then sent out to the recipients. If they want a video to accompany the jar that can be done too.”

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