Ghosts at haunted hotel where 16 people have died ‘stare man out’ at night

A man living opposite a haunted house claims ghosts "stare at him at night", leaving him unnerved about the phantom-filled property.

Peet Montzingo, 33, says the infamous Cecil Hotel, now abandoned and covered in grim infamy for its housing of serial killers and mysterious deaths, is haunted.

The Los Angeles, United States property, which was renamed in 2011, refurbished in 2017 and reworked into a housing complex in 2021, is infamous for its chilling and grisly details.

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Living across from the hotel where at least 16 people have died since it opened on December 20, 1924, Peet is now convinced those from beyond the grave are still inside the building.

Poisonings, gunshots, falls from the building and more recently the alleged accidental drowning of Elisa Lam, 21, all took place inside the Cecil Hotel, which has since garnered a chilling reputation. For Peet, that is concerning given his proximity to the place.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: "When I moved into my apartment I had no idea I’d be living across one of the most haunted hotels in the world. I moved here because it was really cheap, and now I know why.

"Most of the time where I recorded the strange things, the hotel had been closed since 2017, meaning nobody could stay in there. I've seen strange shadows, flickering lights, you name it. At night, I always take a look just to make sure nobody's looking at me from any of the hotel's windows."

Convinced by the ghostly presences, and recounting a first "creepy" experience where a cigar-smoking man stared at him despite it being "pitch black", Peet decided he needed to explore the hotel. He gained the trust of a security guard, and headed inside for an hour.

His "giddy" feel once inside soon turned sour when he reached the upper floors of the hotel. He said: "The energy just changed, it felt heavy and very scary. The energy just immediately became so heavy and morbid. It felt like I was being watched.

"I also started hearing so many doors slamming shut elsewhere, which wasn’t happening before. I tried calling out to him and it all just felt super spooky. My stomach was dropped the entire time. It's something I can't explain."

Higher floors are even avoided by those hired to protect the building as the "vibe is so creepy that even security guards avoid doing rounds up there." Serial killer Richard Ramirez, as well as another unnamed killer never caught, had previously stayed at the hotel.

Ramirez, otherwise known as the "Night Stalker", had lived in the hotel and attacked people across Los Angeles while they slept. The other, unnamed killer, had left Goldie Osgood robbed, raped and strangled in her room in a chilling attack in 1964.

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