Goat born with ‘human face’ looks like it has glasses and resembles Santa Claus
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    A goat has been born with a deformed human face that looks like it has glasses – resembling a demonic Santa Claus.

    The horrifying farmyard animal-Father Christmas-monster hybrid was spawned in the village of Sironj in Madhya Pradesh, India, on Friday (November 11).

    Nabab Khan was flabbergasted when his mother goat gave birth to the kid, which appears to have a human mouth.

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    It was the first time any of his animals – including a buffalo and seven goats – have given birth.

    The freakish mouth means that the goat has to be fed milk with a syringe, although it is reportedly doing well otherwise.

    The goat's most bizarre feature is undoubtedly its eyes, which have black rings around them making it look bespectacled.

    It also has thick white fur on its head and around its chin, giving it the look of a devilish Santa Claus.

    Residents in the Indian village flocked to Khan when news of the deformed creature's birth spread.

    According to Veterinarian Manav Singh, the medical term for the goat's condition is "head dyspepsia".

    It impacts one out of 50,000 animal births and is more common in cattle than goats.

    The condition causes swelling of the animal's head, known as "hydrocephalus", and has two known causes.

    The first is the mother suffering Vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy, the second is the mother being given the wrong medicine during pregnancy.

    Hydrocephalus simply refers to there being too much fluid on the brain, either because of a drainage problem or an overproduction problem.

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