Google Earth user reckons they have spotted a ‘crashed UFO’ on island

An Reddit user posted a photo of what they claimed was a UFO on an uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean.

Poster dansterdj uploaded the eerie image of a huge, strangely shaped object followed by a trail of sand, as if it had landed on Starbuck Island, part of Kiribati.

It was captioned: "Crashed UFO on Starbuck Island!

"Visible on Google Earth showing a massive trail behind the object indicating high velocity and great amount of energy to go that far!"

It was added to popular Reddit forum "conspiracy", with 1.6 million members.

The user helpfully answered replies in the comments with the island's extremely remote coordinates.

Reddit users were left to speculate how on earth the odd object ended up there.

User NuclearSiloForSale commented: "Doesn't look as much like an impact as it does like it was rolled or dragged there."

And Graphitetshirt wrote: "Idk (I don't know) what this or if it's a UFO. But it's cool as f***."

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Meanwhile InvaderRed simply added: "Upvoting for something that doesn't have to do with COVID or politics".

Starbuck Island is on the border of the Indian, South Pacific and North Pacific oceans.

It is also just a few miles away from the Equator.

But not all were convinced by the claim it is as an unidentified flying object.

Some pointed out it was boat-shaped, with the long sand marks left behind probably evidence of the wreckage being dragged by people.

Starbuck Island is known for its extremely isolated location and a high number of shipwrecks found there.

Others speculated why it was allowed to be left there for so long if it was a UFO.

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