Google Maps user convinced they have found a ‘sea dragon’ on the site

A Google Maps user is convinced they have spotted a 'sea dragon' on the popular site.

Posting on the Reddit forum 'Google Maps Shenanigans', the user u/keksivaras wrote: "Found a sea dragon."

Other users of Google Maps were not sure about the mythical find

One said: "Cool looks more like a snake in my opinion," while another added: "That's a rock."

The original poster remains convinced that the shape which resembles a dragon is in fact a sea dragon.

The latest curious find comes just days after someone on Google Maps uploaded a horrifying image of what they claimed could be a 'kraken' on the site.

A kraken is a sea monster from Greek mythology which reportedly possessed tremendous size and strength.

The original poster also thought the bizarre find could be a Cthulhu, which was a fictional entity built like a giant octopus which lived below the Pacific Ocean.

The OP uploaded the picture to the internet with a tagline asking whether it was a whale, kraken or Cthulhu.

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They wrote: "I'm not familiar with how Google decides to render certain objects via satellite or whether there have been cases of recorded volcanic disturbances but this does not appear to be any sort of vessel and its sheer length rivals the maximum recorded blue whale.

"Let me know what you guys think it is!"

Some commenters thought the picture showed a rock, while others suggested it looked like it was "the giant squid v sperm whale".

Other internet users chose to make fun of the OP for his phone battery running out.

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