Mum takes poo in Amazon parcel as revenge for man ‘stealing’ them from doorstep

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A mum has devised a plan to take revenge on people stealing her parcels after catching them on her doorbell camera.

TikToker "Destiny Marin" said her mum realised her Amazon parcels had started going missing from her doorstep outside home in Brooklyn, New York City.

The pair re-watched the home security camera to find a man putting her package into a brown paper bag and walking off with his dog.

They then spotted the man repeatedly coming back to their house to take the parcels.

The woman says: "So this is my mum's response back – she took a s*** in an Amazon box, covered it in a smiley face balloon with a little message inside for the thief and she re-taped the box to make it look regular."

In the screenshot she shared, the message read: "Eat s***! I've reported you to NYPD.

"Come in this mother f***ing gate again, see what awaits you."

The daughter said her family got a message from her mum "not to take the box inside the house".

But, in a video taken two days alter after the poo parcel had been left, it was revealed it didn't quite go to plan.

"So it's been 48 hours, let's roll the footage to you guys," she says and the CCTV reveals a man in a white cap and blue T-shirt snatching the parcel away.

"It's the wrong Amazon thief! Another Amazon package thief stole my mum's box of s***."

Her mum then gives a message from behind the camera, saying: "Don't get upset! That's what you get for taking people's s***."

Viewers were left in hysterics and praised her mum for teaching the thieves a lesson.

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One said: "They both deserve it and honestly should be arrested."

A second wrote: "I do love that the second thief is missing some context."

"This is literally the funniest turn of events," a third added. "Thank you for sharing."

Some suggested they should get the parcel delivered to an Amazon locker instead so they don't have to worry for thieves stealing packages.

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