Google Maps users spot ‘anomaly’ that has them convinced it’s a ‘haunted forest’

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A spooked Google Maps user has spotted a strange 'colour anomaly' that people are believing may have been caused by a 'haunted forest'.

The mysterious Google Street View image shows a purple-like hue covering part of a forest in California, not something usually seen on Google's popular 3D map system.

The post was shared on Reddit two days ago, entitled: "Found a spooky coloration anomaly in a forest near Huntington Lake California."

The image has received more than 700 upvotes as users continue to debate what the creepy image might be.

One user simply stated: "110% a haunted forest."

Another user agreed that the forest seemed sinister: "Don't go. No one could came back from there…"

And the theories only got wilder as more people gave their two cents on what might be causing the spooky phenomenon.

"Aliens," said a third user.

A fourth user said: "A glitch in the matrix."

The original poster only provided one image of the forest, but people visiting the forest on Street View said that several more 'haunted areas' can be seen nearby.

"Turns out a bunch of the street views on that road have this," said one user.

Suggesting a more practical and grounded explanation for the 'glitch', one user said: "The [camera's] sensor probably died and we got an haunted forest."

Technological issues with Google Street View's equipment are nothing new and many eagle eyed users have spotted other areas where the expensive 360 degree cameras have malfunctioned.

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Back in 2018, Google Maps caused some confusion when users spotted a street in Europe covered in a eerie 'purple substance'.

The seemingly mundane image, which shows a row of houses and multiple cars parked outside, is covered in the crawling purple stuff, the Express reported.

In another strange Google Maps sighting posted to Reddit on the same day as the haunted forest, a user spotted what they believe to be "clandestine Guatemalan air strips" that are 'probably being used for trafficking drugs'.

The fascinating post appears to stand up to some probing with "abandoned aircraft" visible and air strips that appear to have been blown up, perhaps by Government aircraft.

The post on Reddit went live yesterday entitled: "Clandestine Guatemalan jungle airstrips and abandoned aircraft".

The user posted six photos in total which claim to show a densely wooded area in the central American country on Google Maps.

It is impossible to confirm whether the planes are operational or have been abandoned as the user maintains.

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