Google Maps users stumped by house on Berlin Airport runway spark Nazi theories

Google Maps users have been left baffled after spotting a house built in the middle of a busy airport runway.

A user posted to Reddit with the image of the property located at Berlin Schönefeld airport, sparking a debate over what it was used for.

The post has received over 100 responses posing many theories – including that is was formerly a police station or used by the Luftwaffe.

One user replied: "Could be an old administration/barracks building from WW2 for the Luftwaffe… I saw a similarly designed building on the airfield at Flugplatz Katterbach/Ansbach now repurposed for administration and a Kantine."

Another said: "Called the "Generals Hotel", apparently built between 1947 and 1950 to house/greet state guests during the GDR era."

A third added: "I used to work in Berlin Schönefeld from 2018 till 2020 and I remember I asked once, and someone told me it was used as a police station, indeed I remember to see some police vehicles around, and parked there."

A fourth wrote: "Really fascinating. It's not labelled at all on any of the new Brandenberg airport maps (that absorbed Shonefeld).

"All I can find is that this whole area of the old concourse area is now marked as "Government use".

"Most likely an old building that wasn't required to be demolished when Berlin Schönefeld expanded, might have been used at some point, is still in reasonably good shape, no reason (or budget) to tear it down.

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"Its weird situation smack in the middle of the old airport makes me think that this was a country estate manor way back when and the land was appropriated for the airport in the 30s."

It is unconfirmed what the building is for but when looking from an aerial view of the airport it doesn't appear to have police cars outside.

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