‘Haunted’ doll terrifies woman who sees ‘items knocked over’ with dog ‘scared’
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    A woman claims a 'haunted' doll she was given as a gift has been causing spooky occurrences ever since she brought it home.

    Yvonne Hydes works for The Scottish Ghost Company and is normally unfazed by paranormal activity. But the woman told GlasgowLive she's heard knocking and even had items moved around her Paisley house since the doll arrived.

    Yvonne got the eerie toy from a member of her ghost-hunting group, but it was only once it came home that the creepy occurrences began. The strange events peaked when Yvonne swears she saw the creepy doll blink. She said: "Most of the dolls I do have are all hand-me-downs so they don't bother me at all, but that night I was sat in the base room and [the doll] made me feel uncomfortable."

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    Yvonne said her friend David, who works as a medium, "absolutely hates" the doll. "I brought it home and he said I should keep it in the garage and that made me feel uneasy," she continued.

    "Everything was fine for a few days but then I started to notice some knocking." It wasn't long before "really loud knocks" started echoing through the house, scaring Yvonne's dog and even her sceptic husband.

    "I also heard footsteps of something walking fast across my landing," she added. "Suddenly my cocker spaniel took a dislike to the doll being in the room. It started barking at the doll and shaking.

    "One day I came downstairs and saw one of my really heavy lamps sitting in the middle of the living room. My son came in and I asked if he'd been up but he hadn't. More objects were being moved each morning."

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    After a few nights of unexplained activity, David decided to take the the doll – named Agnes – to his house. After propping her up by his piano, the medium also reported hearing knocking and footsteps which still haven't been explained.

    In a desperate bid for answers The Scottish Ghost Company took Agnes to a park to investigate her supernatural powers, live-streaming the event on TikTok and Facebook. The team tied a red light around Agnes' neck with the hopes of allowing whatever spirit was possessing her to transfigure its face onto hers.

    During the process Yvonne and several viewers of the live stream claimed to see the doll blink. "It was very subtle," Yvonne said.

    "We don't think the spirit is bad, just mischievous. We're going to take her to events and see if we can get anymore out of her."

    While Yvonne has no plans to get rid of Agnes just yet, the eerie doll hasn't made it past the threshold of her home again and is living in her car for now.

    "Since she has been in the boot it has been quiet," Yvonne added. "I may bring her back in to see what happens."

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