Home security footage terrifies Reddit after mysterious figure spotted on street

A homeowner has been left freaked out after catching a "ghost" walking across her garden late at night.

The clip, which was uploaded to Reddit this week, captured a night time shot of the person's back garden.

Around 1.46am, a white-cloaked figure appears to walk past a lamp on the right-hand side.

The light grows brighter before the so-called spirit appears to walk away and disappear into the night.

Seconds later, a deep sigh is heard over the camera, despite nobody appearing to be present.

The clip was filmed in the early hours of October 19.

A Reddit user uploaded the clip yesterday seeking clarity and hundreds have since flooded in to share their thoughts on the abnormal video.

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It was captioned: "My mum’s coworker caught a spirit on her home security footage.

"Zoom into the lollipop lightbulb in the back and turn your volume up. What do you think?"

One person said: "Ohh that’s weird, it even looks like it’s walking."

Another added: "Part of me wants to say it’s really condensed fog since there’s wind rustling the trees on the other side, but the way it moves is too human-like."

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A third commented: "If it's a ghost, it's a big ghost."

"It looks like a sprinkler to me, the water is catching the light," another said.

It comes after a YouTuber apparently captured a "spirit closing a door" on camera.

Daisy Marquez claimed the mysterious spirit had "pushed her down the stairs" in the hours before the spooky happenings.

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