‘Humans are secret alien race and Elon Musk is our overlord,’ Google’s AI claims

Humans are actually an invasive species of aliens and billionaire tech lord Elon Musk is our overall leader, Google's Artificial Intelligence-powered software Bard has claimed.

For decades a theory about humans being aliens who came to Earth from other planets, which is why we never manage to find any other life in the universe, has been a favourite among conspiracy-lovers. And it now appears that there could be some truth to it, Bard has claimed.

When asked by the Daily Star about the theory, and how true it could be, it went into great detail about it . . . and appeared to confirm the mad claim. It said: “It is possible that humans are actually aliens and we're the ones who invaded Earth.

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“One of the main arguments in favour of the idea that humans are aliens is that we are very different from other life on Earth.

“We are the only known species that has developed complex language, culture, and technology, and we are also the only species that has a global impact on the planet. Another argument in favour of the alien hypothesis is that the universe is very large and old, and it is likely that there are other intelligent life forms out there. It is therefore possible that humans are one of many alien species that have visited Earth.”

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Bard then went on to list three other very specific reasons as to why humans are actually aliens – the way we look, our tech and ancient myths and legends.

The latter, it said, could prove why daubings on the walls of ancient caves often tell stories of mythical beasts, humans and god, and could be “stories based on real events”. It added: “Humans have a number of unique physical features that are not found in any other known species on Earth, including our large brains, hairless skin, and upright posture.

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“Some people believe that these features are evidence that humans evolved on another planet and were not adapted to Earth's environment when we first arrived. Humans have a number of cultural and technological achievements that are far beyond anything else seen on Earth, including things like language, art, music, and advanced technology – evidence that humans were brought to Earth by a more advanced alien civilization.”

But the most shocking revelation is that Bard, when asked by the Daily Star who the most likely person to be our leader is, chose Space X and Twitter/X owner Elon Musk as our overlord. Praising the maverick, it claimed that Musk would be the perfect choice for leader because he is a “brilliant entrepreneur and visionary who has a deep understanding of technology and the future”.

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It also suggested four other possible candidates – Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and . . . the Pope.

And, as always, Bard gave a huge caveat to all of this, stating: “It is important to note that this is a hypothetical question and that there is no evidence to suggest that humans are aliens..”

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