Hunter finds ‘Bigfoot tracks’ with monster footprints ‘8ft apart’ in deep snow

A hunter came across what they believe to be Bigfoot tracks, although not everyone online is convinced they are the real deal.

Images of the tracks were shared to the r/Bigfoot Reddit page today (Friday, January 27).

The poster explained they had been taken in New Mexico, US, and claimed each individual footprint was a whopping 8ft apart.

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The post read: "Big tracks in New Mexico. My girlfriend's boss went hunting and came across these tracks. They’re 8ft apart. No other tracks nearby. What do you guys think? Bigfoot??"

In the comments section they explained that the girlfriend's boss and his hunting party were experienced outdoorsmen and "all thought Bigfoot right away".

They added the discovery occurred "a few years ago".

In the first image a member of the hunting party appears making their own stride alongside the supposed Bigfoot tracks. Even stretching themselves unnaturally far, they cannot recreate the size of the stride – suggesting whatever made the imprints wasn't human.

The second image showed a close-up of one of the tracks, which appeared pressed two or three inches into the snow.

Some people didn't think they were footprints at all, but rather where a rabbit had been jumping and resting.

There was some debate among the Reddit comments as to whether a rabbit could jump 8ft. It was eventually concluded they can, although the original poster added: "Seems like a pretty big leap."

One comment read: "The close-up looks like a small critter's whole body rather than a single foot with toes."

Another said: "It even looks like two little hind legs and a tail."

However, several people disputed the rabbit theory. One wrote: "I highly doubt these are rabbit tracks. Rabbits are capable of jumping rather far, but this terrain isn’t really big for jackrabbits. Rabbit tracks tend to not be so consistent in my experience.

"The way the tracks seem to be in a single file orientation with such a large stride, I would say they are likely legit [Bigfoot] prints."

Another said: "This isn't rabbit or hare. Anybody claiming otherwise is full of it. I think that what people are calling a tail print could legitimately be a heel."

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