‘I bought a Boeing 777 to turn into my dream home and discovered a hidden room’

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A woman is sharing her journey of transforming a decommissioned Boeing 777 into a luxury home, with followers amazed at the progress she has made.

Carla Cary, a TikToker, purchased the old Etihad Airways plane and began an ambitious project to turn it into a dream home.

The Californian bought the plane, described “the world’s largest commercial twin-jet”, back in 2020.

Her ambition is to complete the project by 2024, and followers have been revelling in her journey.

She said on her TikTok account that the plan was to turn the plane “into something fresh and new”.

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Carla added: “Instead of letting this plane get scrapped and destroyed we’ll give it a new life!”

So far, Carla has managed to remove the passenger seats, toilets and part of the cockpit in order to make her renovation dream a reality.

In one video, she shows followers a glimpse inside the plane, moving between first class, business class, economy plus and economy.

She continued: “You can really see here the difference it makes without the overhead bins, it’s so much roomier.”

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And in one of her most-viewed posts, the TikToker shows off a secret compartment most flyers have no idea exists.

She takes the viewers into the “crew rest room”, continuing: “So crew rest is what you see in the orange, so normally this is covered by overhead bins and ceiling panels.

“And no one really knows it’s there. But flight attendants and crew members use this to sleep on really long flights.

“To get into the door it’s usually blocked by a keycode, but because this is a decommissioned plane and we can do whatever we want, we’ll just override that.

“Then you take out these steep stairs and you can see… there are bunks and seats and just kind of a relaxation area. Really cool.”

But in a warning to followers, Carla reminded them to not enter the crew rest area, adding: “You’ll be detained and arrested. It could result in fines up to £250,000 and 20 years in prison.”

Followers of Carla were quick to praise the TikToker.

One said: “This feels like a great place to survive a zombie apocalypse in.”

Meanwhile, another added: “So there IS room for my carry-on!!”

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