‘I died and met spirit guide Alan who showed past lives – but I have big regret’
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    A bloke who died for seven minutes after an accident on his scooter has revealed what he witnessed during those lost moments.

    John Davis was rushed to hospital after the accident and, after technically dying, medics managed to get his heart beating again.

    He was apparently taken on a whirlwind journey during his near-death experience, and was shown various former lives he’d led.

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    It all happened back in 1987, but John’s memories of his NDE are still vivid today, as he shared with YouTube channel The Other Side.

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    He said: “I closed my eyes when I died and it seemed like the very next second I was standing in the most beautiful building I had ever seen.

    “I didn't know this at the time but all of us have spirit guides who are with us when we enter our lifetime. In fact, spirit guides help us plan our lives.

    “I had a spirit guide. He said, ‘I’m your spirit guide. My name is Alan’.”

    John was taken to a round building so he could watch his Life Review.

    “All of a sudden the movie screens lit up and they were playing different episodes of my life,” John said.

    “One screen was me as a baby, another screen was me as an infant, one was an adolescent, one was in elementary school, and it showed my entire life all the way up to the age that I was then, which was 21.

    “And my guide explained to me at that point that everyone has life reviews and they can see their lives just like they happened back then.”

    Alan then took John outside, where he was able to watch another big screen – this time showing him what his previous lifetimes had been like.

    “One lifetime he showed me was of a monk. [In] a second life he showed me I had a wheelbarrow, and the wheelbarrow was [full of] shoes, and I was a shoe peddler in that lifetime.

    “The third life he showed me was of a fisherman. I had a wooden boat and I had a net and my job was to catch fish for the village.”

    Later on during his NDE, John was taken to a gigantic library.

    He said: “There was a woman who was sitting on a couch. She had long jet black hair down to her waist and she was wearing kind of a purplish-maroon kind of a gown, and she was watching what we would call today as a flat-screen TV.

    “She was watching a battle that took place on Earth 200 years ago between the Native Americans Plains tribes and the US Cavalry. I remember thinking, ‘How can she be watching a battle that took place a couple hundred years ago when we didn't even have video recorders back then?’

    “My guy told me everything is recorded, and even now I don't understand how that's possible, so I just think of it as a God thing.”

    And there was still time for John to go to a castle, where there was another woman – this time with “strawberry blonde hair”.

    “She actually walked up to me during this experience, and here's something that today I still kick myself for…

    “Here I am on the other side, I could have asked this girl anything but she walked up to me and she said, ‘Is there anything I can help you find?’

    “You know what I said to her? I said, ‘Oh, no thanks. I’m just looking’. I could have asked her anything.”

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