‘I saw afterlife where angels predicted two family deaths – and both came true’
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    A man who claimed to have visited the afterlife after a near-death experience said that “angels” told him his dog and brother were “going to die” – only for it to come true just months later.

    David Hanzel, 57, barely survived after developing a rapidly spreading lung infection and sepsis in September 2015.

    The self-styledghost whisperersaid that during a visit to the “afterlife” on his deathbed, angels had warned him of the dates that his brother and dog were set to die.

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    He told the Daily Star about his NDE-sparked ethereal journey and how ghostly warnings turned into a reality.

    David said he started seeing and hearing the dead from just four-years-old and despite moving house through childhood, they followed him.

    The mystic said he had known about his supernatural powers ever since childhood.

    He explained: “When I was younger, I had the ability to hear all the noises. I would hear whispers [but] my parents couldn't hear them.”

    "I heard [the dead] closing doors, lights going on and off."

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    But after decades of being haunted by ghosts, David said he'd finally had enough.

    He said "I got sick of it, my whole life is going crappy and I had to turn to alcohol and drugs because people say ‘you're crazy’."

    Despite his growing disdain towards the omnipresent ghosts, the sage said he had a particularly strong affinity with angels.

    David explained: “I would talk to angels. I knew about angels and I was five before they told me.

    “They are so cool. They protected me from a lot in my lifetime.”

    But he said his most memorable contact with the divine beings was when comatose, during his NDE in 2015.

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    David, who was 50 years old at the time, said: “When [doctors] took me in, they had to do surgery.

    “I had 70 per cent of my lung covered in infection and I had sepsis – it was running all through my body.”

    Three days later, medical staff told David’s parents that he wasn't “going to make it”.

    Following a flatlining heart rate monitor, the ghost whisperer said: “ I didn't even know I was dead, I didn't, I had no conception.”

    David claimed to have been whizzed up to nirvana, as his eyes closed and his surroundings dwindled into the darkness.

    He explained: “They showed me the most beautiful golden-white light. It was so pretty and there were all these angels and everything going up into it.”

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    But after what felt like months visiting with the celestial beings, deceased relatives and otherworldly spirits, the psychic said he had to return to Earth.

    The medium claimed: “The angles told me that another reason I had to go back was because my older brother was going to die.

    “I also saw that our little dog, Toto, was also going to die before my brother.”

    David awoke from his coma in his hospital bed two months later and 100lbs (45kg) lighter, reflecting on if what happened was real.

    He said: “I thought it was a dream for a while. I thought I was screwed up and none of it was real.

    “I started to go through depression because you just see the world differently now.”

    But after the apparitions’ claims allegedly came true, David said he knew the events weren’t a figment of his imagination.

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    He said: “I still didn't believe it and then my little dog died. Exactly as they said – she was torn apart by the other big dogs at my parents' house.

    “And then my brother, just like they said, was all of a sudden diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer and a brain tumour, and he died in four months.”

    A distraught and dispirited David asked the other-worldly beings “why did I need to know that?”, and claimed they replied: “You needed proof.”

    He added: “So the proof was that everything happened in sequence that I dreamed about.”

    David said that all his ailments – including hypertension, severe anxiety disorder and suspected brain damage from the coma – were healed following his NDE.


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