‘I saw two Bigfoot creatures fight and it was so terrifying I wet myself’

A man has recalled the chilling encounter he had with a gigantic "Bigfoot" creature in the dead of night.

There has never been conclusive proof of the creatures’ existence, but many hunters claim to have experienced an encounter in hunting sessions.

One author recently recalled a story where a man’s foot was supposedly grabbed by a “15-foot creature”.

Now, a US bow-hunter called Mark has shared his story of supposedly coming within close range of not only one, but two Bigfoot creatures, which he claimed he heard fighting taking place near a river close by.

Speaking on the Sasquatch Stories podcast, Mark recalled how he was out hunting with a friend when they spotted a mysterious-looking figure in the distance, saying: “It’s not a bear, because we know what bears look like.”

As the creature started to approach them, Mark confessed that their fear was palpable.

“I looked up and my buddy is peeing himself, I can hear it hitting the rocks, and I looked down on myself and I already soaked myself,” he added.

Mark explained that the pair then sprinted to a viewing stand in the trees, when the encounter escalated to a terrifying crescendo.

He said: “Off to the right of us towards the river, we heard something else making some crazy-a** noises; that one started coming towards us, and all hell broke loose.

“Something was going down there fighting, and I mean, it sounded like two T-Rex’s going at it. Branches were snapping, you could hear hollering and growling.

“Seconds later you could hear something running off, and it jumped into the river, then everything got quiet.”

Mark admitted that the pair were terrified after they had been able to get a good look at the creature when his friend shone a torch on it from above.

He remembered: “He shined it on whatever it was, and the thing just sucked it up like it was a sponge. You could see the silhouette of it, but the hair on this thing just sucked it up.

“The hand on this thing was f***ing huge. Shaquille O'Neal is a big man, but this thing dwarfed him. It could have palmed a beach ball.

“We could see him really good. He had big legs, big hips, chest kind of tapered up… he had a round head… The arms were very long.”

After the incident appeared to have come to an end, Mark explained that he and his friend remained so terrified that they had to take some time to calm down before feeling safe enough to leave the area.

“And we’re still sitting up there shaking and it’s still dark, we sat there for like 15-20 minutes sitting there”, he recalled.

“Then we had enough nerve to get down to the truck and we got the hell out of there.”

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