Owner makes fully furnished living room for dogs with TV, bar cart and sofas

A dad of three sausage dogs has built them their own living room to relax in, complete with soft furnishings and a 24” TV.

Dachshunds Peaches, Mitzi and Challah can now relax in the miniature den that could rival any trendy room.

TikTok user @ bam12008 shared his creation in a video that hit more than 2.7 million views and over 172k likes.

Each dog has their own sofa in grey, yellow and blue, which are colours that dogs can actually see due to their yellow-blue dichromatic vision.

There are also paintings and prints hung in frames at a wiener dog height, as well as lamps, rugs and an impressive bar cart.

The bar cart is actually a bathroom organiser spray painted gold, adorned with miniature alcohol bottles and whiskey glasses to complete the look.

His videos capture impressive attention to detail, including their 24” TV on which the trio of dogs have been seen watching Schitt’s Creek.

Whilst the creator didn’t want his dogs' room to be part of his own living room, saying that would be ‘tacky’, he’s since shown off his own living room, which inspired the decor for his dogs’ digs.

The account has racked up over 26 million views and 4.5 million likes, with users envious of their Pinterest-perfect den.

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One said: “The moment you realise that these dogs have a nicer living room than you do.”

Another said: “I absolutely love this, so now I need to figure out what teenagers need to move out so the dogs can have a room.”

“Possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever seen,” a third person said.

Others have been suggesting additions to the space, from low hanging chandeliers to a mini Christmas tree for the festive period.

Either way, these dogs are seriously living their best lives.

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