iPhone 15 feature which will guide you to someone who shared location

iPhone 15’s ‘long overdue’ feature which will guide you to someone who has shared location

One of the host of new features unveiled at the much-anticipated Apple Event on September 12 helps users guide themselves to other users who have shared their location.

The response to the feature has been widely positive despite some seeing it as ‘long overdue.’

The event unveiled the new Apple Watch Series 9, Apple Watch Ultra 2, iPhone 15, and iPhone 15 Pro.

All four of those devices will be complete with a new ‘ultra wideband chip’ which ‘opens up a completely new way to use precision finding.’

You can now direct yourself to a friend or family member who has shared their location with you on a similarly compatible device you can follow an arrow to them, with the phone also telling you the distance to your target.

Apple announced a new feature for iPhone 15s which allows users to find friends more easily

The change was announced on September 12’s Apple Event as two new watches and two new phones were unveiled

Fan reaction was largely positive despite some describing it as ‘long overdue’

One commenter on X – formerly Twitter – said: ‘This is long over due but now that they’re doing such refined features when will they run out? I feel like soon.’

Another added: ‘It’s about damn time!’

Aside from questioning the punctuality of the new feature, reaction was mainly positive, with people describing it as ‘amazing’ and another saying ‘I needed this.’

However, someone else thought it was ‘nothing special.’ 

The Apple Event announcement video suggested train stations and farmers markets as potential locations this could be useful, and viewers were quick to add other possibilities.

One predicted that the feature would be ‘amazing for women’s safety.’

Less sincerely, another suggested they would use it to find their mother when they got lost shopping.

Despite this positivity, when it came to the other new features, or lack thereof, some Apple fans were left disappointed.

The other changes which were announced included a move to USB-C charging in line with EU regulations, new materials, and a ‘Name Drop’ feature.

Name Drop allows iPhone users to exchange contact details by simply bringing their devices together.

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