Island 100 miles from the nearest town where the world’s loneliest monk lives

There is an unassuming island in Tibet where a single solitary monk lives on his own 100 miles away from the nearest town.

Away from all signs of life this type of isolation is not for the faint hearted with human contact non existent

Tibetan monk Ahwang Pincuo is the current occupier and keeper of the Rituo Temple in Yamdrok Lake, Tibet.

He leads a life of ritual and pure isolation at the temple, which is also known as "the stone on the mountain," according to the Mirror.

Located 100 miles away from Gyantse town and three miles from a small village, the temple sits in the middle of Yamdrok Lake.

Considered one of the three holy lakes of Tibet the temple is only reached by a lone path – a symbol of the solo lifestyle the monk must lead.

A typical day for Ahwang is spent chanting sutras, meditating and carrying water from the lake to the temple.

He is the latest in a long line of solitary monks who have watched over Rituo Temple over the past 700 years.

When he dies, his place will be taken by someone else, who will take over his daily rituals.

Beyond peace and quiet, there are some other perks to living in one of the country's hidden gems.

If you are a follower of ancient Buddhist tradition then the property comes with free medical care, given the rumoured ability of a centuries old rock enshrined there which can cure all diseases.

The sights are also said to be fairly spectacular, with Tibetan antelopes running freely on the land beyond and bar-headed geese swimming in the water, Oddity Central reports.

At night the site of the Milky Way above is said to be crystal clear and utterly stunning.

Those that have been lucky enough to visit the temple describe an almost magical existence.

In Tibet Buddhism is the dominant religion and those that follow it are led by the Dalai Lama.

Tibet is also home to the Himalayas and the highest mountain on earth, Mount Everest.

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