Kevin and Perry lookalike from viral video ‘treated like the Messiah’ in Ibiza

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A Harry Enfield impersonator has bragged that he used to be treated like "the Messiah" in Ibiza after a clip of him and a pal playing legendary comedy duo Kevin and Perry 'going large' at a festival went viral yesterday.

Dean Taylor, an impressionist from London, has been performing as dopey would-be DJ Kevin for more than 20 years.

"We used to work in Ibiza a lot. There used to be billboards of us just after the film came out," he told the Daily Star in an exclusive interview.

Nightclubs on the party island would employ Dean to draw punters in.

"In Ibiza I was like the Pied Piper," he boasted.

Dean and 'Perry', whose real name is Lea Jenkins, went viral after a video of the frighteningly accurate likenesses dancing at Hardwick Live Festival on Sunday was shared on Twitter.

The clip gained so much traction that Kathy Burke, who played Perry in the 2000 hit film Kevin & Perry Go Large, noticed it.

She tweeted: "If I wasn't so much older and wider I'd swear this was me! Lovely stuff."

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Dean said: "It was nice that Kathy did put that in a tweet. It was a nice thing to say.

"It might be good for them too, they might see how many views it got and think 'there's still mileage here – let's do a sequel!"

The impressionist is no stranger to mingling with celebrities. Over his long career performing as around 35 characters including Kevin, Dean has met the likes of Michael Caine, Pierce Brosnan, Bill Murray and Iron Maiden.

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"I've done loads of stuff where someone will take a picture. I was posing as Keith Lemon and Leigh Francis wanted a picture of me, Fern [Cotton] and Holly [Willoughby] had pictures with me too," Dean said.

Despite flying all over the world and meeting an array of A-listers, the clip of 'Kevin and Perry' at a festival in the North East this weekend went particularly crazy.

"It's all gone a bit mad," Dean explained.

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"Everyone just loves the characters. We must've had hundreds of videos taken at the weekend and thousands of pictures.

"I rang my mechanic on Monday, and a couple of my neighbours came out too and said 'great video' – and I hadn't said anything, I'd just driven back from Durham!

"I might be wrong in saying this but because of the covid thing, and people being so down and locked away, if something makes people laugh and be happy – because there is so much negative news out there – I think it's a bit of a breath of fresh air."

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Having been booked by the festival's organisers, Dean and Lea went up behind the decks with Brandon Block as the DJ performed in Hardwick Live's Glitterbox.

This evoked memories of their time working in Ibiza just after Kevin & Perry Go Large was released.

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"When we were out in Ibiza it was like the Messiah coming up over the hill. All these dance revellers and ravers going crazy," said Dean.

Kevin and Perry spawned from Harry Enfield's sketch shows, Harry Enfield Television Show and Harry Enfield and Chums, which first aired in the early 1990s.

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Dean does all of Enfield's characters and got into impressionism for a very simple reason.

He said: "Before I did the characters everyone would say 'oh you look like Harry Enfield, you look like Harry Enfield', I heard it so many times I was pushed into a corner to do something about.

"Now I've got jewellery, make-up, a denture, costumers, shoemakers, wig specialists. I've got a team around me that help me if I take a new character on to perfect it."

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