Las Vegas becoming UFO hotspot with ‘cloaked craft’ seen near military bases

Las Vegas is becoming the UFO hotspot of the US with mysterious 'cloaked' craft repeatedly being caught on camera.

That's the view of leading investigator and US Army veteran Steve Barone. He has filmed hundreds of UFOs hovering over the iconic Sin City landscape on his YouTube channel Anomalous Vegas.

And he even believes they have become interested in nearby military bases. One clip, seen above, shows half a dozen bright white luminous objects appearing to move in formation in the night sky.

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Speaking to Daily Star, Steve claimed it was these types of UFO that have caught his attention "more frequently than others". He claims they are invisible to the human eye and can only be caught on night vision cameras.

"The things I can see with night vision are invisible by any other means, and it's remarkable just how incredibly active these objects are," Steve said.

"They were even in a location where I had previously assumed nothing was happening. I'm uncertain who these unidentified aerial phenomena belong to, but they may have been present for quite some time, operating at their discretion without detection."

Daily Star previously reported a spate of snake-like UFOs in Texas led to the state becoming a hive of 'ET' activity. Steve himself hasn't witnessed such objects, but has seen "triangles, spheres and other inexplicable objects".

Las Vegas is "where it all began" and is becoming the "prime location to observe UFO-UAPs". The investigator believes one major reason is the proximity to military bases, with the craft keen to study the area.

"Firstly, the nuclear test site is located near Area 51," he explained. "Nuclear weapon testing began in 1951 with a 1-kiloton bomb dropped on Frenchman Flat.

"Over 40 years, more than 1,000 nuclear explosions were detonated above and below ground. This is likely the primary reason for their presence here.

"Currently, approximately 900 warheads are stored in 75 igloos at Nellis Air Force Base, one of the largest stockpiles in the world, according to the Air Force. Data also shows Area 51 and S4, a secretive range, are only 77 miles from my front door."

He also pointed out the "vast open area" of the Mojave Desert is the perfect location for UFOs to "hide". "Finally, the Hoover Dam may be attractive for its energy-generating turbines," Steve added.

The UFO hunter admitted the craft "were much more prevalent early on" in his investigations. But he has a possible explanation.

"I think they know I was shooting videos of them and changed their locations and times when they would perform these fantastic aerial routines," Steve added.

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