‘Life after death is impossible – no blob of energy survives for one reason’

Everyone has a different idea about what happens when you die – from heaven to reincarnation to nothing.

Many scientists have dedicated their careers to trying to solve one of life's biggest questions, but there is very little conclusive evidence.

However, one US boffin claims that there is evidence any kind of afterlife would be impossible.

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According to the Mail Online, the claims were made by theoretical physicist Sean Carroll, an external professor at the Santa Fe Institute and Homewood Professor of Natural Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University.

In a recently resurfaced clip from the 2012 The Amazing Meeting (TAM) in Nevada, US, he said that “the laws of physics underlying everyday life are completely understood”.

This means that we cease to exist as a physical entity, there is no material understanding of how we would continue in this world according to Carroll.

He continued: “That's because there are no particles and forces that could contain the information in your brain after you die.

“'There is no way for that knowledge of who you are before you died to persist after the chemical reaction that defines your life comes to an end.

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“And I'm speaking really here about some extra material spirit that would somehow be you even after your body ceased to exist that is not compatible with the laws of physics as we know it.”

Carroll claimed that there is no need to research further into this.

He said: “We don't need to look carefully at past life regression studies or anything," he continued. "The claim violates the laws of physics.”

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According to the publication, he later explained further, saying: “What you are is a collection of atoms obeying the laws of nature. You are not a physical meat sack that is being driven around by a little blob of spirit energy like a soccer mom driving an SUV…

“There are electrons, protons and neutrons interacting through electromagnetism, the nuclear force and gravity.

“So the laws of physics tell us what those things do it is not necessary to bring anything else into the equation.”

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