Man captures mysterious bright light shooting from ground into sky at high speed

A man was left puzzled when he captured a strange light emitting from the ground and disappeared in the dark within seconds.

Reddit user rhys45acp7 said he was driving in Anchorage, Alaska at night when he noticed a bright light moving at speed in front of him.

Dashcam footage he captured on November 29 shows the bright white light shot out from behind a house at least 100 metres away further.

In the clip, the light heads straight to the sky in a straight line and disappears two seconds later.

The amateur star-gazer said he has seen some "crazy lights" blinking in red and blue colours but this is the first that he caught on camera.

He wrote in the comments: "This is not fireworks. I went around and look where it came from and nobody was there.

"So weird, I'm still baffled it was bright as f*** in person and it looks like it slowly hovered and took off.

"Probably one of those small craft we see a lot on videos? There's also a lot of blinking red and blue lights here that move in a speed of light."

Viewers re-watched the clip and wondered if it could be from a gunshot or a laser.

One suggested to the user to take more footage of other sightings and to notify the local communities that shared the same topic of interests.

A viewer suggested: "It's moving super-fast, maybe even accelerating. More like a gunshot type of speed."

Another said: "It’s probably a small bug being lit up by your headlights."

But the man described it like "a laser light".

"Nobody else was there, other than cars passing through," he added. "It's not a residential area. I think it was a fenced sheet metal warehouse where it came from."

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