Maths teacher uploads lessons to PornHub while urging students to ‘study hard’

A maths teacher has been uploading videos of his tutoring lessons to PornHub and has become a huge success on the adult film website.

Chang Hsu, who goes by the username "changhsumath666" on the site, is a Taiwanese professor and has now gained almost 7000 subscribers.

He is currently the 685th ranked creator on PornHub, an extremely impressive achievement considering that none of his uploads fit with what you would expect to see there.

His videos have now amassed a staggering 1.9 million views after he started putting them on the porn site in May.

In the clips, Chang appears fully dressed in front of an old-school green blackboard as he solves maths questions and explains his working out to whoever is watching.

So far he has uploaded 226 video lessons which all last around 40 minutes, under the tagline "Play Hard, Study Hard".

Explaining the unique way in which he markets his tutoring lessons to Focus Taiwan, Chang explained that he was simply putting "special things in special places".

Chang also offers paid private tutoring services, and claims that paying customers have been flocking to his courses since he started using PornHub to showcase them for free.

"The online teaching market is highly competitive, and I can now attract 1,000 students each year, compared with an average of a few hundred for a calculus tutor," Chang explained.

"I asked myself where to find my target students, say college boys, and the answer popped out: adult video platforms."

This comes after some people appeared to take PornHub's marketing strategy into their own hands in a posh town in Yorkshire.

Bright pink cars emblazoned with "PornHub casting car" started appearing Ilkley a few weeks ago, much to the dismay of disgruntled residents.

One woman who lives in the area said: "I think it's disgusting. I wrote a Post It note which I was going to place on the windscreen.

"It said 'please park somewhere else – it's highly inappropriate as there are children walking along the road."

PornHub said that they had nothing to do with the cars and that they were investigating the issue.

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