Miracle bearded dragon born with two heads – and reptile eats with both

A miracle bearded dragon has been born with two fully functional heads.

Animal vlogger Brian Barczyk, who goes by Snakebytestv online, uploaded a video of the bizarre creature to Instagram where people have been busy suggesting names for the two heads.

Brian travels the world documenting an array of animals and has amassed 3.45million subscribers on YouTube, but this lizard may be his most astonishing find yet.

In the clip, the bearded dragon's left head is seen eating an insect from a pair of tongs.

The video creator confirmed that both heads can eat food, and that the lizard's defect doesn't seem to have affected its mobility.

Brain wrote: "These two still need names!

"They eat right off of tongs and seem to be doing amazing.

"You would think mobility would be hindered but they make it all across their enclosure, climbing everything in sight."

Reptile lovers were quick to give Brain name suggestions, with "Salt and Pepper", "Bread and Butter", "Ant and Dec" and "Thelma and Louise" among the popular choices.

Another was "Barf and Belch", the name of the two-headed dragon in Dreamworks' film How To Train Your Dragon.

Similarly, another Instagram user suggested "Zweilous" after a two-headed dragon-like creature from video game Pokemon.

Animals born with two heads suffer from a condition called Polycephaly, where the two heads are formed in the same way as conjoined human twins are created.

Polycephaly occurs most commonly in reptiles, specifically turtles and snakes.

One of the most notable cases of Polycephaly was a two-headed albino rat snake called We, which was born in captivity in 2000 with both male and female genitals.

We lived to be eight-years-old and eventually died of natural causes.

Although the majority of reptiles born with two heads only live for a few months, some can live full lives. Some have even reproduced.

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