Mystery ‘UFO with transparent dome’ travelling at speed over UK stuns fans

A conspiracy theorist has left fans baffled when he shared a footage of a disc-shaped UFO flying at high speed across the water, saying it's a "100% proof that aliens exist".

Scott C Waring, who is known for making outlandish claims of alien sightings, posted a video taken by a professional drone user in 2019.

The original clip claimed it was filmed over Firth of Forth in Scotland and Scott was convinced that the location was somewhere at the waters just outside Edinburgh.

"I believe this white disc come from a factory pollutant area, look at all those chimneys back there, it's polluting our air and environment and I believe this UFO was investigating that when it saw the drone recording it," he said.

"I believe that alien drones and UFO want to investigate anything that flies…it wants to see the newest technology out there to try to determine when humans will make it into space and start creating civilisations on other planets."

The unknown aerial vehicle zooms from the bottom of the screen across the waters and appears to be heading inland.

In a zoomed in screenshot, some fans believed they saw a transparent domed feature on the disc object and boldly suggested there could be signs of extraterrestrial life.

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  • One wrote: "This was amazing a UFO disc with a transparent dome onto ,the speed was incredible. Well done the gentleman filming this."

    "It's a saucer-shaped metallic disc with a glass dome which means there's an extraterrestrial alien inside it, I'm flabbergasted!" a second commented.

    But some were more dubious over the fuzzy image of the UFO.

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    "The object begins its flight from the building on the shore and leaves a couple of graphic flash pixels…CGI?" one asked.

    Another added: "Whatever that was, it looks to be travelling at least 400mph, maybe a lot more. That is indeed an amazing clip."

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