Man who’s only eaten raw meat for 166 days on ‘verge of insanity’, fans fear

Fans of an American vlogger who has only consumed raw meat for the last 166 days fear he may be on "the verge of insanity" as his social media output becomes more and more bizarre.

The man behind the rawmeatexperiment Instagram account began his strange quest late last year and joked that he was only doing it "every day until I die from bacteria."

His typical meals include steaks, fish and chicken breasts (all raw) and drinks of egg yolk, raw animal milk and 'natural' water.

His Herculean efforts have attracted him a healthy following on the site with a whopping 144,000 followers.

However, due to the obvious health risks associated with inhaling raw meat some of his followers are growing increasingly concerned for his safety and mental well being.

In his latest video while chowing down on '2 pounds of raw flesh', the man pontificated on what effect his dietary choices had made on his worldview.

He wrote: "Meat is the only food that nobody has bad reactions to (except for those lone star ticks invented by big vegetable) and dead animals are the only food group that have all the micronutrients that a human needs.

"I’ve learned a lot about nature, farming, soil, history, nutrition etc, by following the carnivore people."

In response, his followers flocked to the comments to question his mindset and make helpful suggestions as to how he could be a bit healthier.

One said: "Drink more water bro."

Another joked: "Look at this page and tell me if he’s crazy, lost his mind or on the verge of insanity."

A fellow follower said their parents agreed and that he was probably doing it for attention.

They wrote: "I showed you to my mom and her bf and their boomer brains just about exploded.

"The only way they could process what I was showing them was by convincing themselves that you must be violently Ill and dying every night and then coming back and doing it again the next day purely 'for the followers'."

Another proffered that the only way to be sure the experiment wasn't harming him was to take a blood test.

They said: "Will you ever take a blood test and post your results??"

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Even without the tests, it seems there's a very clear medical consensus on whether you should regularly eat raw meat (hint, it's not recommended.)

Healthline states that there are a number of problems a raw meat eater will likely face including food poisoning

It states: "Common pathogens in raw meat include Salmonella, Clostridium perfringens, E. coli, Listeria monocytogenes, and Campylobacter.

"Symptoms of foodborne illness include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal cramping, fever, and headache.

"Generally, properly cooking meat destroys potentially harmful pathogens. On the other hand, pathogens remain in raw meat.

"Thus, eating raw meat greatly increases your risk of developing foodborne illness, and you should proceed with caution."

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