Mystic says his Meghan predictions cannot be ignored as her ‘trajectory shifts’

The so-called 'Living Nostradamus' says his predictions about Meghan Markle "cannot be ignored" as the Duchess of Sussex turns 42 today (Friday, August 4).

Brazilian mystic Athos Salomé, 36, reckons that Meghan is facing a "change of trajectory".

The self-professed future-seer claims to have foreseen Coronavirus, Elon Musk buying Twitter and even the Queen's death.

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Athos told the Daily Star Meghan "is in a phase of oscillation and instability" and urged "caution in the face of present actions to avoid future regrets".

He predicts "a period of seclusion and introspection for Meghan, suggesting a month of restraint and not moving around too much".

This echoes the sentiment of entertainment expert Mark Boardman who previously suggested Meghan ought to streamline her work commitments if she wants to "reignite" her popularity amid talk of a Suits reboot.

Athos went on to say he "proposes a change of trajectory for Meghan, suggesting that her true life mission is not linked to acting".

He explained: "Instead, it points to health-related professions such as nurses, doctors and therapists.

"This suggestion raises questions about the authenticity of our career choices and how they might align with our life purpose."

The mystic also claimed Meghan will experience "an unusual event" between 2024 and 2025, "with preparations beginning in April 2024".

He said: "This claim leaves room for speculation, but it can also serve as a powerful reminder of the power of self-professed expectation."

Athos concluded by saying these predictions "cannot be ignored". However, he added: "It is important to remember that predictions are just that – predictions. The future remains uncertain and influenced by a myriad of variables.

"The real controversy lies at the intersection of prophetic insight and free will, a conundrum that will persist as we follow the unfolding of Meghan Markle's life."

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