New Nintendo switch with longer battery doesn’t fix Joy-Con ‘drift’

Nintendo announces upgraded Switch with nearly DOUBLE the battery life and shows off new Joy-Con colors – but gamers say they’re still waiting for the company to fix the ‘drift’ glitch

  • Nintendo announced a new version of its Switch console with longer battery life
  • For some games, new hardware will double the life of the battery’s life span
  • Customers, however, continue to complain over faulty controllers
  • A flaw makes some of the Switch’s Joy-Cons start to ‘drift’ unprovoked
  • The company has yet to offer a permanent fix to the problem 

Nintendo will roll out a new version of its Switch console with longer battery life and more Joy-Con colors.

The company says a modified chip, flash memory modules, and CPU board will offer substantially extended battery life compared to previous models, increasing the console’s time outside the dock from between 2.5 to 6.6 hours to 4.5 to 9 hours. 

That extra juice will likely come as a welcome improvement for many Switch users, especially those who use the console for more memory-intensive, platform-style gaming. 

The announcement came amid ongoing problems with controller ‘drift,’ in which players have reported that the JoyCons are causing movement in the game even when no buttons are being touched.

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Nintendo will roll out a new version of its Switch console with longer battery life and more Joy-Con colors amid problems with controller ‘drift’

According to the company, notoriously battery-draining games like ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ will now last about 5.5 hours on the Switch as opposed to the previous 3 hours.

In the U.S., Nintendo says the new and improved console will be start to be sold in mid-August and can be identified ins-tore by looking at the serial number on the box.

Models with the serial ‘XKW’ are updated consoles reports Kotaku. Nintendo Switch consoles currently retail at about $299.  

While enticing, a new battery may do little to appease customers complaining of a flaw that causes what users to experience what they describe as a ‘drift.’

The fault causes the Joy-Con to register a slight tilt in the joystick, translating into movement on the console even if a user isn’t pressing any buttons. 

As reported by Kotaku, some customers are reporting issues with their Joy-Con’s after just four months of owning the console. 

Complaints over the issues, which has yet to receive a permanent fix from the company, have even out-shadowed Nintendo’s announcement that it is release several new colors for its diminutive Joy-Cons.  

Currently, the only documented fix for players experiencing a drifting controller is removing the Joy-Con’s offending joystick and replacing it with a brand new one.

Joy-Con kits can be purchased for about $10 online through retailers like Amazon, but don’t guarantee that the problem won’t just reoccur. 

Hardware problems aside, Nintendo recently made headlines for the announcement of its Switch Lite, a mobile-dedicated version of its console that will go on sale this September.

Nintendo said the lite version, which has a 5.5 inch display and attached controllers on either side, will retail at $199.

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