Pentagon UFO report’s ‘classified annex’ could hide US’ ‘experimental aircraft’

The bombshell Pentagon report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) will include a classified annex which is likely to withhold details of "experimental aircraft", a university academic has said.

More UFO videos have been leaked by military personnels since the US Department of Defense officially three classified videos of UAP last April.

The new videos include a "trans-medium" craft that can descend 150mph into water within seconds and a pyramid-shaped UFO hovering above USS Russell in 2019.

The final report – to be released to Congress by June 25 – is expected to provide a possible explanation that the UAPs were top-secret hypersonic weapons developed by adversaries Russia and China, reported the New York Times.

It will also supposedly include a classified annex which officials have admitted will fuel speculation of the government withholding the truth about alien lifeforms.

But Dr David Clarke, who is also a curator for National Archives of UFO projects, believes the annex may actually be classified as it could include information on top-secret aircraft.

In an interview with Daily Star, he said: "That would be information about military technology of the type we've been talking about, about the things that the Americans have built.

"They are flying around and they don't want us to know about it and what they know about the Russian and Chinese technology.

"And of course, anything that's top secret."

The Sheffield Hallam University professor also disputed the possibility of the US government including information that links to aliens and believed it's more related to national security concerns.

"The classified annex – the UFO believers will leap up on that, they would say that 'you can explain all theses, but why are they keeping them secret?'" he continued.

"They are keeping it secret because it is secret, not because there is evidence of aliens there, because it is national security about these experimental aircraft that they are flying."

The British Ministry of Defence published a report in 2000 similar to the US Pentagon report known as the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in the UK Air Defence Region: Executive Summary.

Dr Clarke, who has a copy of the report, said there were two photographs deleted from a report on American flight projects.

"This sort of thing is going to be in the classified annex," he told this site.

He previously claimed the report could actually be a cover for a hypersonic weapon "Cold War" between Russia, China and the US.

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