People are only just realising this sneaky tip to change WhatsApp text

People are only just realising this sneaky tip to change WhatsApp text

  • A TikToker has posted three genius hacks on how to quickly change your font 
  • You can quickly vamp up your WhatsApp messages with these simple methods 

Nuance in text messages can often be lost… the cold silence after sending, the dread, the regret. Did they think you were being serious?

Fortunately, armed with these handy WhatsApp tricks, you’ll soon be texting with confidence that your true intention will be accurately interpreted.

TikToker,Niall Quinn has shared the tricks, claiming users ‘never knew they existed.’ 

WhatsApp users are only just realising how to quickly change their font, after a viral video showed users how to quickly make their text bold

Under his account @mottomarketing, Quinn revealed three easy ways to vamp up your messages. 

In the now-viral video, Quinn first demonstrated how users can make their text bold. 

‘Put an asterisk on either side to make it bold,’ he simply explained. 

The creator then revealed that users can cross out their text, he explained: ‘Put a squiggly line either side to make a strike through.’

Finally, he explained that users can place underscores either side of the text to Italicise it.  

The video has since gained over three million views and has received over 22,000 saves from likely WhatsApp users ready to try the trick. 

However, users were divided on whether or not the hack was new, some claiming it was ‘old news.’

The TikToker, Niall Quinn, posted the texting trick to his account and revealed how to cross out your messages by placing a squiggle before and after your text 

The TikToker also showed his followers how to quickly italicise text, which involves simply placing the underscore symbol before and after your text 

‘How’s that a hack?’ one questioned. 

Another added: ‘You did not just discover this, this has been a thing for years.’

But others were grateful of the shared method regardless, saying the codes were ‘the best’ and ‘brilliant’.

The content creator often uploads technology hacks, and has even shared other WhatsApp tricks. 

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Sharing advice on how users can make sure the photos they’re sending are high quality, he said: ‘Go to settings, then select Storage and Data, scroll down to Media Upload Quality, hit Best Quality.’

Quinn also revealed how to make their encrypted messages even more private, by enabling a lock feature. 

‘Go to privacy, then Screen Lock, turn on Require Face ID,’ he explained. 

Quinn’s efforts come as thousands of users were left in the dark last week, following a massive outage.  

DownDetector, a site that monitors online problems, received a flood of issue reports but the outage was over in about one hour.

WhatsApp has an estimated monthly active user base of 2.7 billion people, but it is not clear how many have been impacted by the outage. 

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