Putin ‘uses body doubles’ due to Parkinson’s, according to Kremlin insider

Russia's despotic President Vladimir Putin's health issues appear to be worsening, according to an insider.

Since Putin first ordered his troops to invade neighbouring Ukraine in February, he has been dogged by rumours of ill-health and potential assassination attempts – none of which have so far proven to be accurate.

But now it seems that some in Russia are claiming that he is going to succumb sooner rather than later.

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According to the General SVR channel on messaging app Telegram – the main source of the rumours about the 70-year-old's failing health – he is now “critically ill” and suffering from dizziness and headaches.

The alleged Kremlin insider also claims that Putin has been using body doubles at public events to avoid suspicion.

No evidence was given on exactly which events have used doubles, especially as many recent ones where the war-mongering Russian was meant to appear have been cancelled.

The only shred of evidence given is that it refers to a story from a few weeks ago, which the Daily Star reported, where Putin fell down a flight of stairs at his Kremlin home and involuntarily pooed himself.

This, the claim, show that his alleged cancer is “slowly progressing” and that it is “calling into question his ability to participate in large events”.

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They also stated that his doctors will have a meeting at the start of the new year to talk about how to progress his treatment for the Parkinson's disease he is also rumoured to have – something the Kremlin has never commented on, however.

The General SVR channel popped up at the start of the invasion, and claims to be run by someone who is given insider information from a “source” based at the Kremlin and is close to Vladimir Putin.

None of what is produced by the channel is verifiable, however, despite the Daily Star's best attempts to obtain a comment from the Kremlin over the last 10 months.

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