‘Really compelling’ Bigfoot snaps show mystery humanoid lurking in woods

Bigfoot watchers have been sent into a frenzy after a 'compelling' new sighting of the legendary beast emerged.

The photograph showing a mysterious humanoid trudging through woodland sparked heated debate among yeti enthusiasts after it was posted online.

It was reportedly taken in the state of New York, according to the Reddit user DezzyDismay.

The large hairy beast can be seen at a moderate distance walking upright past short bushes with pine trees in the background.

It is walking right to left with its silhouette and the left side of its face visible.

Members of the internet messageboard were split over the snaps, with the usual divide of sceptics versus believers evident in the comments.

One user appeared convinced and said: "We need the story behind these photos…but they are really really compelling"

Another believed it was in fact proof of the North American sasquatch, and suggested that the picture showed the same beast captured by 'Discovering Bigfoot' director Todd Standing.

They wrote: "Both faces look similar from the side to one of the Sasquatch Todd Standing took photos of. I think these photos are legit."

Another appeared less concerned about whether they were real, and said: "This is the type of stuff I come here for. I am not even gonna question if it'd real or fake, just good bf content."

The sighting was however brought into doubt by one poster who suggested it was the work of a known bigfoot impersonator, saying: "The story is there's a guy who lives in beacon, new york, who likes to run around the woods with his pals in bigfoot costumes."

In another recent sighting, a herd of deer appeared to be startled after a 'Bigfoot' was spotted walking through long grass in broad daylight.

In the footage, the mother deer stayed stiff alongside her foals in the middle of a small dirt track as a black, ape-like figure walking on two legs appears to cross the field ahead.

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