Samsung's new folding phone may cost $1,000 less than the Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s mysterious new folding phone that flips up like a clam shell is expected to cost less than HALF of rival Galaxy Fold at just $850 and will be officially unveiled in February

  • A new folding phone teased by Samsung may cost $850 
  • It could be unveiled as soon as February according to the Korea Herald 
  • The phone appears to bend over itself vertically like a clam shell
  • There’s no current name or details on the device outside of renderings
  • Samsung may be looking to capitalize on interest in the Galaxy Fold 

A mysterious folding phone teased by Samsung last month may debut at less than half the cost of the company’s flagship Galaxy Fold.

According to a report by the Korea Herald, the phone, which doesn’t currently have a name, is expected to cost $850 and will be unveiled sometime in February.  

In an annual developers conference last month, Samsung teased the device in a video rendering that showed it bending vertically like a clam shell as opposed to horizontally like a book.

Scroll down for video. 

On the left is an image of how Samsung’s current Galaxy Fold collapses while a picture on the right shows an unnamed device that folds vertically

‘This brand-new form factor that we’re now exploring will not only easily fit in your pocket, but it also changes the way you use your phone,’ said Hyesoon Jeong, head of Samsung’s framework R&D group at the conference according to The Verge.

Samsung has yet to release any details on the new concept, leaving its name, specs, and stage of development a mystery.

Equally as mysterious is whether the company has even advanced folding technology to a sophisticated enough level to pull the design off.

Samsung’s only other collapsible device, the Galaxy Fold, has encountered myriad problems since being introduced earlier this year, including issues problems with its display that caused its screen to deform or in some cases, become completely unusable.

Since then, however, Samsung corrected the Fold’s course, releasing the device to consumers last month – whether a new design will dispense with the phone’s issues should be revealed with time.

Chinese tech giant TCL, which acquired the BlackBerry brand in 2016, is developing a flexible phone that can bend around your wrist to become a pseudo-smartwatch

In addition to companies like Huawei – the only other phone manufacturer to release a folding phone – relative newcomers to the world of high-end smart phones like TCL have also begun to stake their claim. 

A recent prototype sent out by the company showcases a device with multiple hinges, that bend to form a ‘Z’ shape and extend into a 10-inch display when fully opened.

When collapsed the phone folds onto itself to configure the device into a book-like shape with one, slimmer, outward facing display.

The Korea Herald reports that LG may also release its own folding device sometime next year. 

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