Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s chilling words as he was sent down for 15 murders

Notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer said to his lawyer "thanks for trying" as he was sent down for murdering and in some cases eating 17 men and boys.

On February 15, 1992, a court in Milwauke ruled that Dahmer was legally sane when he went on "one of the nation's most grotesque killing sprees," for which he was given a life sentence for each victim.

Dahmer admitted drugging, strangling and dismembering 17 young men and boys and pleaded guilty but insane to 15 of the murders.

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If he were found insane he would have been sent to a mental institution for treatment. He was instead sent to maximum security prison in Portage, Wisconsin, where he was later beaten to death.

According to a Washington Post repor from the time, "cheers and applause erupted in the part of the courtroom reserved for relatives of Dahmer's victims" when he was found not insane for every murder.

Dahmer's defense attorney Gerald P. Boyle said he told the killer that he would probably lose with his defence.

Dahmer reportedly took the verdict quietly, showing no emotion.

Boyle told reporters after the hearing that Dahmer told him "thanks for trying".

"I knew I had an uphill struggle. I did and I failed. The fact of the matter is I wanted him studied," Boyle said.

"I know we have brought some peace of mind to him," he added. "Now he knows he was sick. He wasn't so sick as to give him a defense."

To find him insane, 10 of the 12 jurors (five women and seven men) had to agree that Dahmer was impaired by a mental illness at the time of the killings. Two disagreed.

Mental health experts were split 4-3 over whether Dahmer was sane when he committed the murders.

Afterwards, free counseling was given to jurors "after hearing some of the most gruesome testimony ever presented in a courtroom, including graphic accounts of how Dahmer slit open his victims, performed sex acts on their corpses and ate body parts of some of them," The Post reported.

Elba C. Duggins, one of the jurors, said after the trial that she would deal with the grisly details by "crying".

"I already dealt with it partially by leaving the room and crying," she said.

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Dahmer was caught in 1991 when one of his near-victims, a man called Tracy Edwards, escaped and alerted police.

Dahmer had cuffed him and attempted to drug him before Edwards punched him and ran into the street. Police discovered severed heads and other body parts of 11 of Dahmer's victims at the apartment.

On November 28, 1994, Dahmer was beaten to death by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver while performing cleaning duty in a bathroom at the Columbia Correctional Institute gymnasium in Portage.

Over a 13-year period Dahmer killed mainly young, gay African Americans who he lured back to his home, promising to pay them money to pose nude for photographs.


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