‘Shining like’ twins claim they have proof they were murdered in past life

A pair of twins who say they are able to remember their former lives and claim they were killed by an angry mob, 'could' be legit as the incident echoed a real-life double murder from four months before their birth.

Ram and Shesh Narain Diwediamoo, from India, say they were farmers and owned land with another brother near their home.

They were 'killed' when a man came to them wanting to make peace after an argument but betrayed them. The crooked man threw a pisoned drink in their faces before a mob chucked them in a well.

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The story, recorded by Dr Ian Stevenson, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia who looks into the paranormal, is similar to that of Bhimsen and Bhism Pitamah Tripathi, who were killed following a land dispute.

Jagannath, from a nearby village in India, is said to have invited them to his home for a reconciliation and their bodies were found dumped in a well days later.

A report by Professor Stevensen, who passed away in 2008, said: “I decided to investigate cases that came to my attention and began to publish reports of them.

“At this time—the late 1950s—an earlier interest that I had in reincarnation revived, and I quickly learned that few cases suggestive of reincarnation had been investigated.

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“One of the few exceptions was a report of four cases published by an Indian investigator in a French journal.

“I thought perhaps even uninvestigated cases would reveal some feature of interest. I therefore examined the published details of 44 reports of claims to remember a previous life.

“During a first trip to India I learned the cases consisted of much more than a child’s claim to remember a previous life.

“The children also showed behaviour t unusual in their families and that, in those cases in which the claims were verified, matched the behaviour of the deceased persons the children claimed to have been.

“My first journey to Asia therefore showed the need for more journeys.”


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