Sicko serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer battered to death with metal pipe by inmate

Serial killer sicko Jeffrey Dahmer was killed after being "severely beaten" in a prison shower that saw the twisted killer attacked by a fellow convict.

For 20 unsupervised minutes, Dahmer was left alone with two fellow inmates, with one of them killing not just Dahmer in the vicious attack, but the inmate that had joined them.

Dahmer, who had been sentenced to 16 life imprisonment sentences, had served just three years of his time inside before being left for dead by Christopher Scarver, who also killed inmate Jesse Anderson.

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Scarver is said to have beaten Dahmer with a 20-inch piece of metal and threw the murderer around the showers, eventually resulting in his death.

Dahmer, who was convicted of 16 first degree murder charges, had been confronted by the pair and was found on the floor of the bathroom with extreme head wounds.

Sicko killer Dahmer had been bludgeoned by Scarver, who was serving a life imprisonment for the murder of Steve Lohman in 1990.

Just four years after starting his sentence for Lohman's murder, Scarver racked up two more kills in a chilling bathroom brawl that left Dahmer bloodied and dead by the time he reached a hospital.

Scarver received two life sentences for his crimes, which he claims were what God told him to do.

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Returning to his cell after the terrifying crime, Scarver told a corrections officer: "God told me to do it. Jesse Anderson and Jeffrey Dahmer are dead."

His attack utilised a metal bar stolen from a piece of exercise equipment in a prison weight lifting room, while Anderson was beaten and bloodied with a wooden stick.

Both Anderson and Dahmer were mortally wounded, with Dahmer declared dead an hour after arriving in hospital while Anderson clung to life for two days after his beating.

Dahmer was cremated following his murder, but an odd disagreement between his parents meant all but his brain was destroyed, although it was cremated two months later.

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