Teacher pregnant after one night stand with ex-student who called her ‘miss’

A former teacher is pregnant with her third child after a drunken one night stand with an ex-student.

Amy Kupps, 33 from North Carolina, US, previously quit her job as a teacher to become an OnlyFans model.

She admits that she's a "home-wrecker" and looks for affairs with both married men and women.

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That said she isn't opposed to flings with single men either, and six months ago she spotted a young man giving her the eyes when on a night out with friends.

It was only after they'd gone home together and got down to business that she realised he was a former student – which he made obvious by calling her "Miss Kupps".

Speaking to NeedToKnow.online she said: "I thought he was sexy so I went in like the mistress I am, and we had a wild drunken night.

"I was chuffed going home with a younger man but the next morning he asked 'do you remember me Miss Kupps?'

"That's when he told me he was a former student of mine and even pulled out his yearbook to prove it.

"Let me be clear; I had no idea he was a former student and if I had known, I wouldn't have gone home with him.

"I was his teacher in 2016 when he was 16, he's now 22-years-old."

Amy, who has amassed over 87,000 Instagram followers since launching her adult career, said she planned to cut ties with him immediately.

That plan was scuppered when she found out she was pregnant just a few weeks later.

She continued: "I'm a devout Catholic so abortion isn't an option for me.

"After I told him, he was scared. I mean he's only 22 and is still in college, I get that.

"But I've told him he doesn't have to worry because I'm financially stable and I don't want a relationship with him.

"I'm going to care for this baby on my own and we've both been content to go our separate ways.

"His family has no idea, they would be so disappointed. If he feels ready in the future, he is welcome to meet his baby."

Amy is now six months pregnant. She already lives with and tutors her two kids, an eight-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl.

Despite being so far into the pregnancy, she says that the OnlyFans cash hasn't dried up.

In fact, she insists most fans haven't noticed the bump, although they are happy with her breasts doubling in size.

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She added: "I'm so small and pretty athletic still, I work out daily so I'm not really showing that much.

"My breasts have grown considerably though and I get a lot of comments about that.

"I've only had one comment saying I look pregnant but other than that nothing."


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