Terrified postmen now wear hardhats to avoid divebombing attacks from seagulls

As if the heatwave weren't bad enough, postmen across the country are now starting to wear hardhats to cope with bold seagulls divebombing them.

The kamikaze birds are causing quite the stir of fear among posties, with residents across the country claiming to have seen post being delivered while cowering under umbrellas or wearing hardhats.

While it may not be on a level with the hilariously haunting scenes of Birdemic: Shock and Terror or the classic Alfred Hitchcock feature, The Birds, it does cause some concern for those out on their postal routes.

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It would appear that furious seagulls are diving down to protect their young from potential attackers, and first-class post.

Weeks and weeks of the seagull's war on post hasn't gone unnoticed for those bravely pushing parcels through letterboxes.

One postwoman in Thorpe Bay, Essex, said: "It’s been terrible. The other postmen have been wearing hard helmets like builders.

"One came with an umbrella to keep them away. The gulls spot you, then start chirping and then they dive down and they make you duck."

The situation is growingly alarming, with Royal Mail writing to families to warn them that their mail could be delayed due to some bird-related infestations.

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One resident, Nicholas Skinner, 74, said: "It’s quite a sight to see your postie in a hardhat. It seems to have got a bit better in recent days.

"It might be they’re beginning to relax a bit now their little ones are getting bigger."

Another resident who sighted postal workers cowering from seagulls said: "We see the gulls up and down the roofs and they are so noisy. Luckily the post seems to be getting through thanks to our chap wearing his protective gear.

"It’s given us a chuckle but to be fair a peck to the head could definitely draw blood."

A letter from the Royal Mail to residents in neighbouring streets read: "As you may be aware, we are experiencing some ­difficulties in delivering to you due to seagulls swooping at delivery staff to protect their young."

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