Thousands of Brits ‘lost in the past’ as cracks in time spread, says researcher

A paranormal researcher claims that thousands of people could be lost in the past after falling though cracks in time.

Rodney Davies says that the phenomenon of “time slips,” where people are convinced that they’ve travelled in time, are all too real.

Rodney, author of Time-Slips: Journeys Into The Past and Future, said: “It’s possible some people have slipped to the past and ended up stuck – thousands of people go missing every year.”

Britain’s time-hopping hotspots are Devon, Cornwall and Kent – but Bold Street in Liverpool is most famous for the bizarre phenomenon.

Some believe the subway in Liverpool that runs under the area has created a rip in time because it travels in concentric circles.

Music student John Moonan recently claimed to have seen horses and carts carrying passengers in Victorian-era dress past old-fashioned stores on the road.

He assumed a telly production was filming but when he looked back they had disappeared and the shops again appeared modern.

John’s vision is part of several accounts from people feeling as if they had drifted into events from the past – like Nicholas Lyndhurst’s Gary Sparrow character in time travel sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart or Claire Randall in Outlander.

There are now YouTube documentaries, Facebook pages and Reddit forums dedicated to discussions of time slips.

Relationship counsellor Rhian Kivits, 46, claims that she saw a knight in armour stroll past her at Compton Castle, Devon.

Alice Pollock reported a room suddenly changing and a tall woman in white pacing at Leeds Castle in Kent.

She later discovered that Queen Joan of Navarre had been accused of witchcraft and imprisoned there in the 15th century.

Some theorise those who experience time slips have stepped outside the narrow confines of normal human consciousness and are seeing time as it really exists – with the past, present and future happening simultaneously in a loop.

Critics question why no old photos have surfaced of time-travellers carrying modern devices such as iPhones.

But those who believe in the theory say some travellers would soon realise that there were no masts to carry the signals and their phone batteries would have quickly died.

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